chris wilhelm photography
chris wilhelm photography

About me

My name is Chris, and I'm a photography enthusiast, student of aikido, and lover of the outdoors living in beautiful Seattle, Washington. I've had a keen interest in the emotive power of images from a young age, when I would get lost in the glossy pages of Sky & Telescope and National Geographic for hours at a time. As an outdoorsman and once-scientist, I'm drawn especially to scenes from the natural world. Equally enchanted by intimate views of dew-soaked moss and sweeping mountain vistas, it was a 6-month "thruhike" of the Appalachian Trail that gave me my final push towards the world of dslr photography in early 2010. I've been enjoying the ride ever since.

Drawn to quiet, lost or otherwise contemplative places, I strive to capture the subtle grandeur and bittersweet transience of the world around me. You might say I am seeking a window into the world that Basho and Leopold saw, though my images are no substitute for their words.

Who doesn't like some takumars?

My gear

I shoot with a Pentax K-7. Preferring a small footprint that gives me the flexibility to travel and hike with my equipment, I do most of my photography with Pentax's excellent and petite DA Limited and FA Limited lenses. I also have a love for the look and tactile sensation of old manual focus lenses, and have been known to spend months at a time with Takumars from the 60s and 70s.


This site is where you can find my images, their stories, my thoughts on photography, and tales from outings with my camera. Thank you for visiting, and please subscribe to my feed to keep up to date on my latest!

Self-portrait under the stars


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