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chris wilhelm photography


11:37pm February 8, 2013

So, a couple months ago I put down some coin on a small collection of lighting gear, motivated in no small part by my present boredom with shooting Seattle cityscapes, and the high level of excitement generated by the excellent Eventually I will be able to afford a car to get out to some new locales, but for the time being I'm focusing a lot more on lighting and portraiture. Here are some results:

My friend Amy, above, graciously agreed to meet up for some pre-Christmas photography down at the Seattle Center.

I have this fascination with low-key portraiture, and have been trying to master the so-called rim lighting technique. I apologize for the poor choice of subject, but I was the only person available and willing to sit through the shooting torture session for hours!

While I was visiting family outside Albuquerque for Christmas, I took the opportunity to photograph my little girl dog, Salty. Thirteen now and looking not a day over ten, she didn't like my flashes at first, but eventually got used to them. Above, she tentatively accepts a treat the UPS guy brought to turn canine enemies into canine buddies on his busy Christmas delivery runs. Below, a little diptych to show how spry she still is!

Finally, a scene from a drainage pipe under a bridge near my parents' home in New Mexico. I'd seen this before and didn't know what to do with it, but now -- with flashes -- all those corrugations became too tempting not to to light up:

That's all for now. You should hopefully start seeing some slightly more regular posts from me in the near future. This space languished for a long period due to technical problems I did not have the energy to resolve since I spend large fractions of my working day resolving similar technical problems. But now things are in working order, and there are some photos in the backlog.

Until next time~

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